The older I get, the more I know exactly what I want. Sadly, that makes me a little more picky than usual. If you are like me, this can be tough for loved ones who want to buy the perfect present. One of my favorite gifts I received last christmas was a pair of JBL headphones from my husband. Sounds like an easy present right? Trust me when I tell you that he thought long and hard before he landed on this christmas present. Honestly, had he asked me what I needed for christmas, I would not have come up with that. So he did a great job.

Importantly, I get so much use from these wireless headphones and this brings a lot of joy for me. “Joy” being the important word here. The emotions we feel are what make our memories special. And truthfully, after a certain age, there is not so much of those you need that have not been met already.

These days, I find that I am less drawn to things and more interested in experiences. I do not want more things than I need. There are 195 countries in the world as at 2019. 54 countries are in Africa, 48 in Asia, 44 in Europe, 33 in Latin America and the Caribbean, 14 in Oceania and 2 in Northern America. Such a huge world out there. There are lots of activities to take part in. Beautiful sights to see. I want to see more, experience more, live life and not just pass through it. So I have compiled a list of presents that you can get for your minimalist friends and loved ones which they will very likely love and appreciate.

30 Thoughtful Experience Gifts

Coffee or Tea

A simple cup of coffee with a loved one is a nice present. It may be given as a voucher or you can meet up at a cafe. It allows for some nice conversation and catching up. While we are so stuck with our phones all day, a little human connection every now and then is great. And for the pleasure you derive, this is a really cheap present.


Invite your friend over for some hiking. It is a nice way to soak up the beautiful scenery, get some fresh air and have beautiful conversations. It is also a form of exercise, so you are feeding many birds with one seed.


With summer approaching, we will be having the nicer weathers soon. I would not mind a partner on my cheat day to have some yummy ice-cream with.

Spa day

You probably have that person who needs some time off to relax. They would really appreciate a present like this. A nice massage and aromatherapy goes a long way. My mum always appreciates a day of pampering.

Dinner date

My husband and I bonded a lot over food and music in our early months of dating. This tradition stayed. We love to take eachother to nice restaurants during events. It is a very intimate setting and we talk about everything and anything while enjoying a nice meal.

Hotel stay / Weekend away

With lots of hotel deals, this has become an affordable gift. You do not have to book a five-star hotel. But I always take the opportunity to explore the region in which the hotel is located. And I enjoy the lazy mornings with breakfasts in bed.

A night out / Live Music

Going out for a drink is a nice way to spend time. Personally, I have lost interest in just going to a pub or club. But a bar with some live jazz music? Count me in!

Domestic help: Cook, clean

We are all so busy with life that we return from work fatigued and want to order some takeaway. How about you cook your friend a home-made meal. It does not have to be their favorite meal. Or turn up at your parents home and help them clean up their home. I know how happy I am when my mother comes around with some homemade food which I can freeze and eat whenever I am lazy.

Movie Tickets

I never realized how much of a thoughtful present this is until I attended my little niece’s birthday party. She was gifted a movie ticket for two. And since she had some of her favorite animated movies showing at the cinema, she was ecstatic. Movie vouchers may last an entire year. So there will definitely be a movie for everyone.


A good musical is an experience everyone should have at some point in their lives. From the production to the voices. These tend to be a bit pricey but it is an experience they would hardly ever forget.

A comedy show

I have been to two Kevin Hart concerts with my husband. Trust me when I say, it is way different from sitting in your home and watching a re-run. The atmosphere is so cheerful. And you forget every worry you have for those few hours.


For the concert lovers, this is a good one. The summer is also packed with festivals nationally and internationally. You can go out in groups and have a great time.

A photoshoot

We want to capture our best moments. But sometimes we do not realize how fast these moments are since we are the ones experiencing it. Having a present like this is a chance to freeze time and be able to relive it again through the images. This is perfect for babyshowers, engagements etc

A road trip

This is most ideal for a close person. Make a road trip together. It makes room for a lot of conversation and quality time.

Go kart, paintball, bowling and the like

These are multi-player games. Perfect for a birthday outing or a family outing.


There are lots of classes online for several hobbies. Find out what your loved one may be into. It could be something like Sushi cooking class or flower making class or Thai food or even photography classes. There is so much out there.

Quad Biking and Off-road driving

I have always been drawn to quad bikes and wrangler Jeeps. So this is a perfect gift for someone like me who likes a moderate amount of adventure. And even better, on land.

Drive a super car

Some companies rent out super cars like Ferrari’s and Lambourghinis so that the clients can get some experience driving a fast car. This is not only good for car lovers. You would be surprised at the people who would be pleased to receive this.

Sky diving / Bungee jump

This is for the adrenaline junkies among us. And for those who are not fond of sky diving, there are also indoor-skydiving opportunities.

Hot air balloons

This is a beautiful experience to share with your loved ones. It is described as an experience compared to none. Runs on the pricey side.

Flight lesson

A family friend found his passion after being gifted some flight classes. He thoroughly enjoyed it and it woke up a love for flying.

Dance lesson

Many people want to attend dance lessons but do not have the motivation to begin. A couples dance session can be a nice bonding moment and a push to begin something they enjoy.

A trip to the zoo

I was recently at the zoo in Rotterdam and it was so beautiful to see all of the animals. It is such a fun and positive environment. Be careful to plan for a nice sunny day.


I have been to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. All the art was breathtaking. I look forward to seeing what museums Ireland has. This is a nice gift for people who are into a bit of history and art.

Theme park / Amusement park passes

This does not have to be a trip to Disney land. There are a few smaller theme parks which are quite enjoyable as well. Most people would appreciate a trip to the theme park for a bit of fun.

Tour rides

Perhaps you know someone who just moved to a new country. Or someone going on holiday. A tour ride is a perfect gift. You are encouraging that person to say yes to new experiences. They would not want the ticket to go to waste. And so they get to explore their new environment thanks to you.

Gym Membership

Every New Year, people around the world make up their minds to be healthier and exercise more. Paying for a months gym membership is a good investment into your loved ones health.


Food subscriptions, fruit subscriptions and other healthy subscriptions for your family and friends is an investment into their lives and may make their life easier.

Fuel a hobby

I was given my blog domain by my father-in-law few years ago and this is such an amazing present. I enjoy writing. So this was the push I needed to get started with blogging properly. Perhaps there are other hobbies your loved ones are into such as caligraphy or painting or whatever else.


Perhaps you have not seen your friend in a long time. Make some time for him or her and pay them a visit. Or invite them over. It may not cost any physical money but we all know how valuable time is. He or she would appreciate it.

Our most memorable moments are moments shared. Enough of sitting behind screens. We need to interact more and say yes more. In the end, we must learn to value our relationships and enjoy the time we have together; and treat things as what they are; “Things”.

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