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A VISIT TO STEENBERGEN – Hotel Brasserie Restaurant De Kaai

HOTEL BRASSERIE RESTAURANT DE KAAI STEENBERGEN. A brasserie worth visiting in North Brabant, South of Netherlands.

Seeing as I have only just moved to the Netherlands; precisely in October. I do love to explore my surrounding. Besides the fact that changing my environment relaxes me, I do like to travel and see new places. So what better way to explore new towns and cities than to dine out. One major thing that my husband and I have in common and have always bonded on, is our love for good food and dining out. So let us just say that I have a partner in food crime.

Recently, I came across a good deal on one of the daily deal sites here in the Netherlands called Socialdeal. Those who know me would know that I try not to pass on a good deal. The Hotel Brasserie Restaurant de kaai, Steenbergen received lots of  good reviews and the photos of the meals were appealing. I had never heard of or been to the town of Steenbergen but I was excited to make it my first time.

The restaurant

Why brasserie? A brasserie is an informal French restaurant or a French style restaurant. This definition described the interior and the atmosphere at Hotel Brasserie Restaurant De Kaai, Steenbergen. It was a relaxed atmosphere, seats quite close to each other but well spaced enough not to be resting our elbows on each others knees. The decor was minimalistic, clean and modern with beautiful lighting and wall art.  It had a very cosy feel to it and we were welcomed by their warm staff.

The order

Our first order was the tomato soup “Van geroosterde tomaat met basilicum” which translates to “Soup from roasted tomatoes with Basil”. At first sight, the meal was very appealing to the eyes. The soup was served with some bread. Could not wait to dig in.

DELICIOUS! Met and surpassed my expectations. The tomato soup was not sweetened like some restaurants would serve. Here the freshness was still preserved. The basil added some fragrance and herbal goodness to the soup. The bread was homemade and fresh. What else could I possible need? The main course of course.

For my main, I ordered the Tuna salad sandwich; described on the menu as “Homemade Tuna salad with capers, pickled cucumbers, red onions and rucola”. Served with a white or brown baguette in which case I chose the brown baguette.

As the waitress advanced towards me with my sandwich, I could not help but smile. The finesse and attention to detail in plating reminded me of an episode of Master Chef. A beautiful plate indeed. “With every bite, I promised myself that I would be coming back”. It was truly a tuna salad in the sense that I had just enough tuna to eat both halves of my baguette. Perfectly spiced. And for someone who would usually shy away from pickles on a sandwich, I literally did not taste a single pickle. All ingredients blended in perfectly. My husband was very content with his order as well; which was a brie sandwich with walnut and honey.

Hotel Brasserie Restaurant De Kaai Steenbergen is definitely a restaurant to visit if you live around the Halsteren or Bergen op zoom area; or if you are ever visiting the North Brabant (Noord-brabant) area. Excellent service, reasonably priced meals. I know that I will be visiting Steenbergen again.



    It was very beautiful from the pictures you shared. I have a love of good food too, but it loves my body too much😎
    Can not wait to see where we will go next, seeing your world through your blogs.
    You, Mark and Lulu take care. God’s blessings

  • Cheryl John

    Hiyee Betty, it was so so good. Oh yeah, I know the feeling… especially around Christmas time😎.
    Thank so so much for your support. x


    Where have you and Mark been. Been looking for some blogs and nothing. You have been on my prayer list for a minute. Take care and GOD BLESS

    • Cheryl John

      Hiyee Betty, We are doing great. Thank you. We will be back soon with the vlogs. Thanks for the prayers and for checking up on us. You’re a darling. God bless you. xxx

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