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Style is a way we introduce ourselves without actually using spoken words. So one would expect that we all have personal style. But this is not true. Some people are so effortlessly stylish and do not even realize that they have a signature style associated with them. But style does not come easily for everyone. This may occur for several reasons. Some people may not care so much about style and others really do not know how to go about developing their personal style. In the latter case, it would please you to know that style is not some hereditary trait that we are born with. There is no special “style gene” that your parents did not pass on to you. No research has been done isolating a style gene. The so called “style is inborn” quote that is often thrown around refers to “child modeling” where children learn by observing and imitating. In other words, style is somehow acquired which means you can also learn to develop your own personal style. Below, I have come up with a few tips that will help you find and develop your personal style.

personal style tips


Do not throw out your wardrobe

This is really an expensive mistake in my opinion. You are yet to determine what your style is so why throw out all your clothes. Instead, analyze your wardrobe. You may notice a pattern. Perhaps you own a lot of coats, or you have a lot of a certain colour. This is a nice start as you see some things that you are drawn to intuitively. Work with what you currently own and then when you are certain of your style, you can slowly start to make purchases that suit you.

Recognize the things you do not like

Just like with many areas of our lives, we may be really wobbly and indecisive about what we like. But when it comes to things we do not like and we do not want to be a part of us, we are very assertive. When you are out in the streets or browsing the internet, make mental notes or physical notes of the clothing you do not like. Perhaps you do not think that knee high boots are your thing, or you do not like the look of pencil skirts. Note them down. Are there any clothes that make you feel bad about yourself, toss them aside as well.

Be comfortable

Now that you have acknowledged the things you do not like, what is left? Those that you can see yourself in. From these set of items, what are you comfortable in? You do not have to wear clothes that flatter your body. There are people who prefer free flowing, non body-hugging clothing. The important thing is being comfortable in it because when you feel comfortable, it shows on the outside. You feel good about yourself and you make the outfit look fabulous. If you do not feel comfortable in heels, ditch it and wear flats. If you feel like the skirt is too short, wear something longer. It is never a good look when you do not feel comfortable and spend the entire day making adjustments every other minute.

Create your style studio

When you are out and about, you may see fashion items that look similar to what you have or items that you like. Take pictures and create inspiration boards. Pinterest is a good app for that. When at home, style your clothing items in the way that suits you. Try not to emulate someone else. Do it in your own way. If you have a vision in your mind and do not have the clothing items to make it a reality, head on to a store. Pick some items and use their changing rooms as your little studio. See what your idea looks like in reality and take a picture. If you are convinced that you would really love to own the item, then there you have it. Your first purchase.

Do not be afraid to expand your fashion comfort zone

You love bright colours but you are worried that the bright greens and oranges are not things you have worn since you were twelve years old. Great! Listen to yourself and give it a try. Perhaps you can take it slow. Do not go for a neon orange immediately. Buy a more subtle tone and gradually garner confidence. If you are more interested in crazy patterns and do not know how to go about it, do the same. Take it slow and soon enough you will be bold enough to show off the style that is in your head.

Money can not buy style

You do not have to own the Dior’s and Chanel’s to develop your own style. Do not be fooled by social medias idea of what style should be. Rather focus on building your personal style from within. How do you feel about the items you are wearing? Good? That is enough. That is not to say if you can afford the designer stuff, you should not get them. That may be someone else’s style. But it should not be the standard. The fashion is out there to be purchased but style is what you do with it.


Accessories are a nice way to spice up your outfit and add some personality to your look. Necklaces, scarves, lipstick colours. These may be signature  pieces that will be associated with you and also add an edge to your look. Do not be afraid to experiment. Accessories help you achieve the vibe you are going for. So what is it you are going for?

Throw on some confidence

This is easier said than done. Confidence takes determination to build. You need to block out the noise and listen to yourself. Your style may not be approved by everyone; but who cares? One thing I have noticed is this, “the same outfit that you are wearing would receive so much praise if it was worn by one of the Kardashians or Jenners or the very adored Beyonce”. They are humans just like you and I. So why should you care? You may need that one person who gives you the go ahead and sees the beauty in your idea. You mum or partner might be great at that role. Also, give yourself pep-talks before you head out. Tell yourself you look beautiful when you stand in front of the mirror. Soon enough others will also love what you wear because of the confidence and aura you exude.

Enjoy it

Having your personal style is something you should enjoy. You have control over how you choose to look each day. With your personal style comes less stress and anxiety. You know exactly what you want and you are not bothered about the opinion of others. Relish every moment and step out feeling your best.




  • Monica Chavez

    You make a great point that when you feel comfortable in clothing, it shows on the outside. That’s an awesome tip for dressing well, so that you love what you wear. My sister is sick of wearing her same old clothes all the time, and she really wants to have a flow of new, fashionable clothes so that she can feel like she’s switching it up periodically.

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