Hi, I’m Cheryl. I am a Mammy blogger, Medical Doctor and a Digital Media Consultant.

No, that does not mean I sit on my laptop in PJs all day. Ok, you got me. I can get away with that on some days even thought I am a “working mum”.

My work comprises of things I am passionate about. Writing, Motherhood and Wellbeing. So I am in a unique position, doing what I love. I have been creating YouTube videos with my family for about 7 years. In this time, I have learnt about the social media sphere, what to do, what not to do and I would like to empower women with that knowledge.

I am a proud mummy of a gorgeous little girl – Words fail me here even as a Writer. But to put it simply, not many things will have you feeling your happiest and proudest like being a mother. 

“I empower women to live the lives they love”.

Whether you are a working mum or stay at home mum (SAHM), you are bringing a lot to the table. Never forget that.