Hello there!

My name is Cheryl. I am a Medical graduate and content creator. Since graduating as a Medical doctor in 2017, I strive to share my passion for physical and mental health while also pursuing my other passions. Originally from Nigeria, I now reside in The Netherlands.  


We all want freedom, but search in the wrong places. We seek happiness but happiness is more personal than we realize. A life of purpose brings the greatest fulfillment in life. Helping others, making a difference (no matter how small), surrounding yourself with loved ones, good health…. Living each day intentionally. 


We are an accummulation of our learned experiences. Individual events in our lives may create a new course or new -ism. We live and we learn. But to learn, we need to be receptive to new ideas and accept the actuality that we do not know it all.


The seed of minimalism was planted within me in the year 2016. I had been watching documentaries and reading countless articles on the concept. Since then I have made conscious decisions with regards to consumerism and “stuff” I permit into and out of my life. 

  1. The Journey: The journey has not been perfect. It has been more of a learning experience and with each new knowledge, it gets way easier and better.
  2. Happiness: Our culture encourages the amassing of “things” and relates it to happiness. I find that happiness comes from the simpler things in life. Love, family, giving, sharing, health. Minimalism has restored my focus on the things that truly matter.
  3. Hesitance: With everything that is not so popular, you get the “why-questioners”. Though exciting for me, there is a worry about being judged. “So you are not shopping during the sale?” While I would like to share my thought process, I do not want to come off as judgmental. 
  4. Timing: When is the right time to start? Understand your reasons for the lifestyle change and it will be easy to start and stick to it.


  This is more of a lifestyle choice that found me. My husband transitioned to a Vegetarian/plant-based lifestyle. To simplify my life, I would cook for him and add some animal protein on the side for myself. However my curiousity increased. There was an obvious change in his physical health and appearance. I still wanted to know his reasoning and the benefits to this change. I consulted with him and once again did my own research. These events led me to where I am today. 

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet is based on foods derived from plants, including vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits, with few or no animal products
Association of UK dietitians 

  1. Compassion: Demand drives supply. With the increasing demand in animal products, animal farmers go to lengths you can not imagine to meet the demand for animal products. While the action of one person will not make all the difference, I still choose to play my part. 
  2. Health: There are hundreds of articles that state the benefits to eating a more plant-based diet. A decrease in cardiovascular diseases and lots more. With numerous plant-based substitutes that serve the same purpose and taste equally delicious, I opt for the plant based options. My body thanks me for it.  
  3. Change: I believe that a little change is better than “no change”. There are no strict guidelines. Minor shifts like “meatless – mondays” are a great start. You do not have to switch to a solely plant-based diet in one day. The little things matter… your intention matters.