The year is almost coming to an end. It was a really beautiful year indeed. One thing that got me through the year was goal setting and making resolutions that I worked towards. I believe that the New year is not the only time to make changes, but we can also make changes all through the year. However, this is a time when most people make the decision to improve their lives and make better decisions. In this post I have compiled a list of 50 New years resolution ideas to help you make 2018 a wonderful year.



  1. Be more mindful: Be it meditation, prayer or nature walks, the benefits of mindfulness are so numerous. I|t improves your mental health and your general well-being. My favorite meditation app is the insight timer app.
  2. Break a bad habit: Make up your mind to give up a bad habit. It may not happen overnight but keep working at it and you will get there.
  3. Listening to Audio books: I picked up this habit last year. Since I love to multitask, this is a very good choice for me. If you do not enjoy reading so much, then this will be for you.
  4. Don not take things personal: I have learnt that the way people interact with you is a reflection of how they feel inside. It may be due to what they are going through that particular day. So ignore some things and let it go.
  5. Save more money: To achieve this, you need to be mindful of your choices. What do you really need?
  6. Start on a new project: Perhaps you have had a business idea for such a long time. You need to execute that plan. Until you so, it just remains an idea. Planning is a nice way to procrastinate because our mind is tricked into believing we are actually doing something. While this is true for a short while, it gets to a point where you need to act and stop with the planning. You can make tweaks as you go on.
  7. De-clutter: I have embraced minimalism and this is really a beautiful lifestyle. Get rid of things you do not need and embrace and appreciate the things in your life. You may start by de-cluttering your phone, to computer to even relationships
  8. Be kinder: Build and not break. Notice the way you speak to people and make corrections if you need to. A kind word from you may be what uplifts someone else. Kindness is often paid forward so you may start the ripple effect.
  9. Be more grateful: Each day, write down something you are thankful for. This keeps you in a positive mindset. It is easy to get sidetracked by social media and pictures of people’s perfect lives but we forget that some time ago, we were praying for the life we have now. If you can not keep up with the habit of writing, then get used to saying thank you for something at the end and beginning of each day.
  10. Listen to more motivational speakers: Motivational speakers keep you inspired to pursue your dreams. Sometimes, that is all you need to take the next step
  11. Travel to a new location: I love travelling. If it is expensive, just visit towns and cities around you.
  12. Eat healthier: Be more cautious of your food choices. Perhaps reduce your meat intake and break down on that cholesterol. This will make such a huge difference to your health. You can substitute this with other protein products like beans and grains and tempeh.
  13. Become a morning person: Learn to get out of bed early. You have more time to get work done during the day.
  14. Take yourself less seriously: The more seriously you take yourself, the more anxious you are because you put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Have fun.
  15. Watch less random movies and rather watch programs or documentaries that will teach you something new: While we all enjoy the Star wars and marvel films, get into the habit of watching documentaries. You learn so much more and the production value of these documentaries are so good; it feels almost like a movie. Win-win situation.
  16. Learn a new skill: Skills come in handy when you least expect it. Photography maybe? Put in the work.
  17. Be more organized: Get into the habit of planning your day ahead. Organize your day the night before. In that way, you wake up knowing exactly what you will be doing.
  18. Set goals: Do not be that person without any ambition. Set goals and work towards them. Short term goals and long term goals.
  19. Order less take out: Cook more. It saves you so much money and you can monitor what you feed your body.
  20. Spend less time on social media: Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media are such time wasters. Assign certain times to social media so you can get more work done.
  21. Take care of yourself: Sleep better, go out for a massage, light a candle and relax at home. If you treat your body right, your body will love you back for it.
  22. Learn to say NO: We often find it difficult to say no because we think we are letting people down. But when we say Yes when we really mean to say no, we are inconveniencing ourselves and letting ourselves down. Say no and get that out of the way.
  23. Say yes to new experiences: Learn to take more chances. Your success is on the other side of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to do something new.
  24. Focus on one thing at a time: When you focus on one thing at a time, you tend to get the work done better and more efficiently.
  25. Say more positive affirmations to yourself daily: Speak positively to yourself and be your biggest fan.
  26. Be more active: Find some kind of activity you love. When we make it about the gym, so many of us are unlikely to follow through with it. We are all so different. You may enjoy walking or dancing. You may prefer working-out in your home. I would advice finding a partner to do it with so you can motivate each other.
  27. Learn to take criticism better: There may be some truth in criticism. Listen and take something from it or if it is useless critics, just let it go.
  28. Pick your battles: Choose not to participate in minor, unimportant, or overly difficult arguments, or confrontations. Save your energy instead for more important things.
  29. Believe more in yourself: Do this long enough and you will have a whole fan club behind you; believing in you.
  30. Provide a service doing something you enjoy and get paid for it: Do you take photos as a hobby and you enjoy it, how about take a photography job and get paid.
  31. Have a more firm personality: When you say yes, mean it.
  32. Get a driving license: Go ahead and enroll for your driving test. Do not stop until you have your license in your hand.
  33. Give more: Donate money to a charity, give items you do not use to someone who needs it or to a charity organization.
  34. Make a vision board: Vision boards give you a clear vision of what you want to achieve and motivates you to work hard to achieve them.
  35. Learn more about your environment: Go out more and explore.
  36. Don’t share until you begin: The concept of social reality is so interesting. When your share, your mind is tricked into believing that you have done it already. When it is acknowledged by someone, we get a feeling of satisfaction and it is perceived as real in our mind. Hence we are less motivated to carry on with the action.
  37. Be more present: Keep the phones aside and live in the present moment.
  38. Learn a new language: Or learn some new phrases in a new language.
  39. Drink lots of water: The benefits of water are so numerous. Still, this is a difficult habit to cultivate.
  40. Reduce your trash: Buy reusable bags for example.
  41. Give more compliments: The receiver is happier and it also shows that you are confident enough to commend someone else.
  42. Have some alone time: You have more creative ideas, you get work done, you learn more about yourself and if you are like me, you recharge and have the strength to take on a new day.
  43. Listen more: Do not listen to respond. Speak less and pay attention.
  44. Start a YouTube channel or blog if you have always wanted to: Stop procrastinating.
  45. Make more human connection: Enough with the followers and subscribers and meet up with friends and family.
  46. Do something that scares you: We often hold back because we are overwhelmed, but sometimes we are worried about what other people will say. People will always talk anyway so just do it.
  47. Be yourself: We let so many things define us and we try to be what society expects us to be. There is only one you and that is who the world wants to see; not a copy of someone else.
  48. Be less judgemental: Do not judge a book by its cover. Give people a chance.
  49. Be happier: surround yourself with positive people, dance, have fun.
  50. Start now: Stop with the procrastination.



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